ProvenWirelessOpp found at is a lead capture page for a money making opportunity to earn a huge income from the us wireless industry.

Limited information is found on the site and to get more information about the business opportunity, you will have to fill in a form at with details such as:

First Name
Last Name

The footnote on page state that the opportunity is for US residents who are 18 years old and above only.

So is ProvenWirelessOpp worth the cost or is it just a scam?

I don’t know if is a scam as I didn’t fill in the form at the site to request for further information.

But I will like to issue a disclaimer about in this review, like all business opportunities, results are not typical and your success will depend on your time and effort put in. Also it may be difficult to market new wireless plans and most people will already have existing wireless access nowsaday.

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