MomsMakingSixFigures found at is a lead capture cum information page for a work at home business opportunity targeting aspiring work-at-home moms.

Not much information on what the actual business is shown on the site except that the business is

1. Work from home
2. No selling
3. No inventory
4. No party planning
5. No risk

To find out more about the business opportunity, you will need to use the contact form at and submit your details such as:

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address

Upon submitting your request, you will be contacted by phone with additional details on the team and business. No email will be sent out.

So is MomsMakingSixFigures worth it or is it just a scam?

I don’t know if is a scam as I didn’t fill in the form at the contact page to request for more information.

But I will like to issue a disclaimer about in this review, like all work at home business opportunities, your shouldn’t expect typical results as your success rely on your effort and time put in. Your experience and marketing skills also play an important role in determining your results.

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