aMillionDollarFormula found at is a lead capture page which contains an audio by Karl Jacobsen. In the audio, he talks about earning $21K in 21 days and asks you to spend 21 minutes to learn about his system by either calling the number 678 318 1896 or opt in to his form with details like

First Name:
Last Name:
Time Zone:
Budget: $500/$1500/$3500

On page, it states that the automated system does not involve selling, no explaining, no cold calling, no chasing friends and family, no learning curve. From the opt-in form, it seems that this automated system will require at least $500 to get started and full cost maybe as high as $3500!

So is aMillionDollarFormula worth the price or is it just a scam?

I can’t say aMillionDollarFormula is a scam because I didn’t submit my information to further review their automated system since $500-$3500 is simply way out of my budget.

But I want to issue a disclaimer about in this review, like all business opportunities, results are not typical and earning $21K in 21 days may not be as easy as it sounds.

Note: If you came to this website because you’re looking for a way to make some money online without a huge start-up cost like $500-$3500 then I suggest you take a look at my top recommendation. These are the best methods I have found that anyone can use to make money online.