Triple1000 found at is a video lead capture page for a business opportunity called myvgv. It is presented to be a simple home business opportunity which involve sending postcards.

Very little information is found at since it is a leap capture page only.

To find out more about the business, you are required to fill in your details like


to get a free online booklet that reveals how you get paid big money every month by simply mailing postcards and letters.

So is Triple1000 worth your time or is it simply a scam?

I can’t say is a scam as it is just a lead capture page and I didn’t fill in my details to get the free online booklet.

But I will like to issue a disclaimer about in this review, like all online business, results may not be typical and making a profit may not be as simple as just sending postcards. Often the details and hardwork are not clearly represented in such lead capture page.

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