WaterWise.com Review

WaterWise found at waterwise.com is a e-commerce website which sells water distillers, air purifiers and shower filters. Basically it is a health and wellness website which sells on the idea of improving your health through the use of better quality water and air. They even allows you to earn money as they have a affiliate program.

So is waterwise.com the real deal or is it just another health scam?

I couldn’t say waterwise.com is a scam as I have not personally buy the products at the site and try it. The affiliate program is also unknown as information will only be given after your submitted your details to join the program.

But typically, it is not easy to earn money from a affiliate program as you will only earn a commission if you manage to sell a product thru your affiliate link. And to make a sale thru your affiliate link will often required you to send tons of traffic to your affiliate site. Unless you know how to drive traffic to your site, else making money as a affiliate is difficult.

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